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Competition Support

Telemetry connectivity

The Altis nano can be used as high precision altimeter and fast reacting vario. Also several additional (temperature, atmospheric pressure, F5J altitude) information can be send trough telemetry link of your favourite R/C System.

Table of currently supported R/C Systems

Brand Altitude Vario Temperature Atmospheric Pressure F5J Altitude Note
JETI Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Works with both old style Jeti telemetry and Jeti EX
Multiplex MSB Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Altis nano uses fixed MSB addresses see Multiplex section lower

Multiplex MLink

Altis nano an be connected into Multiplex MLink telemetry receivers directly trough COM port on Altis nano.

MSB addresses

Value MSB Address
F5J Altitude [m] 2
Altitude [m] 3
Vario [m/s] 4
Temperature [°C] 5
Altis supply Voltage [V] 6
Throttle Input [us] 7
Throttle Output [us] 8

Latest Firmware