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The Altis v4+ is well known device used by many R/C modellers as competition altimeter, recording altimeter or telemetric altimeter/vario.

  • It supports all current electric sailplane competiton formats like F5J, ALES several local formats RCEV, F5J Greek, but also w/o electric motors sailplanes like F3J/F3B with additional tow hook sensor.
  • Integrated Flash memory with 4MB of capacity allows to record several hours of flight for later review in Altis Flight manager PC Application.
  • Additional connectivity of Altis V4+ device makes from Altis v4+ perfect telemetry altimeter with precise Vario. AerobTec is now supporting telemetry for JETI Model, Futaba, Multiplex, Graupner, FrSky, Hitec, Spektrum.


Competition Support

Telemetry connectivity

The Altis v4 can be used as high precision altimeter and fast reacting vario. Also several additional (temperature, atmospheric pressure, F5J altitude) information can be send trough telemetry link of your favourite R/C System.

Table of curently supported R/C Systems

Brand Altitude Vario Temperature Atmospheric Pressure F5J Altitude Note
JETI Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Works with both old style Jeti telmetry and Jeti EX

Latest Firmware